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ANZAC Wreath - Large Teardrop Chaplet

ANZAC Wreath - Large Teardrop Chaplet


ANZAC Wreath - Large Teardrop Chaplet. This ANZAC Day wreath is the official large tear drop shaped chaplet made using the traditional laurel leaf and official colours. This large ANZAC wreath stands at one metre tall and is placed at the memorial site by your organization or an official Best of the Bunch representative upon request.

Suitable for the official formal ANZAC Day wreath laying occasion or any official memorial service. Flowers, ribbons and colours will vary depending on country, embassy, club, area or group colours. National flowers, colours, badges or symbols may also be included.

Best of the Bunch ANZAC Day florists have been creating the official ANZAC Day wreaths and commemoration wreaths for Wellington's Military and Government Departments for the official ANZAC day wreath laying ceremony and memorial services for the past 10 years. 

Whether your tribute is on the behalf of the Military, RSA, Government department, embassy, club, school or is for personal remembrance, we will customise your ANZAC Day wreath or memorial wreath to your special requirements.

Please either select this wreaths adding your special requirements or organizations customization in "Notes to florist" at online checkout or contact us.

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